Doctor Line Cemetery
Columbia Township,
Dubois County, Indiana

Located on Indiana State Road 56, just East of the town of Hillham. The cemetery is atop a steep and high hill behind the old Doctor Line house. The street address for the house is: 11717 East State Road 56.

Warning!!! This cemetery is located on PRIVATE PROPERTY which is currently owned by Valerie Gonzalez. This web site should not be construded as permission for a visit to the cemetery. The above directions are for informative purposes only, and not a recomendation for criminal trespass.

Aerial View of Cemetery

Note: All text in Green are comments which I have added, and not part of
the tombstone inscription.


Shipman (Click here for tombstone image)
Mother -- Dora -- 1877-1913
Daughter -- Mabel O. -- 1904-1925
Dora was born Francis Isadore Line on January 11, 1877. She was the daughter of Doctor William A. Line and his second wife Mary A. (Radcliff) Young. Dora died on Ocotber 27, 1913 from gangrene which sat in a few days after a self-performed abortion.

Mabel Olive Shipman was born on December 12, 1902. She died from Tuberculosis on October 20, 1924. Mabel was 21 years, 10 months, and 8 days old at the time of her death. Her tombstone dates are off, but were probably carved in the Spring of 1925, and reflects the fact that she was 21 when she died.

At the time of her death Mabel was Mrs. Everett Allan, and not a Shipman. The right side of the "Shipman" stone was probably originally intended for Dora's Husband, Luther Albert Shipman. When their daughter Mabel died in 1924, Luther was already remarried to Hester (Howerton) Hicks, and is today buried at her side in Mount Lebanon Cemetery, Orange County, Indiana.


Mary A. Wife of Dr. W. A. Line (Click here for tombstone image)
Died Jan. 1, 1881
Aged 35 Y's & 5 M's & 2 D's
"A loving wife, a Mother dear.
A faithful friend lies buried here."
Mary was born on July 30, 1845. She was a Daughter of Beverly Benjamin Radcliff & Mary Jane Pinnick

Mary apparently died from complications resulting from the birth of her Daughter Mary A. Line on December 24, 1880.


Footstone (Tombstone image)
M.A.L. (Mary A. Line)


Mary A. Dau. of Dr. W.A. & M.A. Line (Tombstone image)
Died Apr. 1, 1881
Aged 3 Mo's & 8 Days
"Buried on earth to bloom
in heaven."


Footstone (Tombstone image)
M.A.L. (Mary A. Line)


Walter M. Son of Wm. A. & Jennie Line (Tombstone image)
Died Oct. 25, 1882
Aged 2 Mo. 26 Days
"Suffer little children to
Come unto me and for
Bid them not for of such
Is the Kingdom of Heaven."


Footstone (Tombstone image)
W.M.L. (Walter M. Line)


Elizabeth A. wife of J.N. Howe (Tombstone image)
MAR 27, 1851
SEPT 13, 1882
Rev. William H. Wineinger, who recorded this cemetery in 1977, list this Elizabeth as the Doctors' Sister. However, it is also possible that John N. Howe may have been a first cousin to the Doctor, the Son of his Fathers' Sister, Eliza Jane. Eliza Jane Line married John Hollowell on October 19, 1848 at Orange County, IN. Rev. Wineinger also reports that John N. Howe is buried in this cemetery sans monument.


Large Double Footstone (Tombstone image)
Powell & Flick
Apparently errected by Florence Line for her two grown children who preceded her in death: James Powell & Fern Flick.


Fern Line Flick (Tombstone image)
Jaunita Fern Line was the Wife of Roy Flick


James E. Powell (Tombstone image)
James was the Doctors' Step-Son. He was the Son of Florence Jones by her first Husband, William Powell


Line (Tombstone image)
Florence -- 1869-1938
Dr. Wm. A. -- 1844-1928
Doctor William A. Line was born on January 12, 1844. The Doctor died on January 9, 1928.


Asleep In
William H. Son of W.A. & F. Line (Tombstone image)
Nov 2, 1909
Sep 1, 1915 Dubois County Death Certificate list date as 9-2-1915
"Our darling one hath gone before
To greet us on the blissful shore."

Oral tradition holds that William Harrington Line died when he fell in the well at Docs' house. Harringtons' death certificate signed by Doctor J.A. Dillinger of French Lick list cause of death as cerebral abcess.


Footstone (Tombstone image)
W.H.L. (William Harrington Line)

Rev. William H. Wineinger stated in his 1977 reading of this cemetery that there is a Solomon Wineinger buried there sans monument. The Reverend tells the story as follows: "Solomon Wineinger, an aged man, was really very sick. Three men got him out, took him to the election polls as a Republican. He died before they got him back home. Dr. Line was a Democrat, but he paid his funeral expenses of $18.00."

What the Reverend may not have known is that Solomon was an Uncle of Docs' fourth wife, Amanda Jane Wininger. Solomon was the Brother of Mandas' Dad Lewis M. Wininger and of my Great-Great-Great-Grandmother Elizabeth Ellen Wineinger.

For the record, Rev. William H. Wineingers' 1977 reading of this cemetery can be viewed as it appeared in the "Wininger Tree" newsletter by Clicking Here

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