Smith/Misner Cemetery
Tippecanoe Township,
Carroll County, Indiana

Located between Monticello and Delphi, off Carroll County Road 600 North, just under 3 miles North of the U.S. 421 and Indiana State Road 18 Junction. The Cemetery is in a wooded area on PRIVATE PROPERTY, approximately 200 Ft. off of the North Side of 600 N. There is a State Game Reserve down the hill and on the opposite side of the road, where you can park. Walk up the hill (on the road), and take a left into the woods at the hills crest. Walk straight approximately 200 ft, looking for the iron fencing encompassing the cemetery. The Cemetery can be very difficult to find through the dense follage in the summertime. Spring and Autum would be the best time to search for the Cemetery. This Cemetery is currently FOR SALE --June, 2001

Warning!!! Let me reiterate, the cemetery is located on PRIVATE PROPERTY I am not the land owner, do not know the land owner, and this web site should not be construded as permission for a visit to the cemetery. The above directions are for informative purposes only, and not a recomendation for criminal trespass.

Aerial View of Cemetery

Note: All text in Green are comments which I have added, and not part of
the tombstone inscription.


Louisa M. wife of John B. Smith (Click here for tombstone image)
Died Feb. 25, 1868
Aged 39 Y, 6 M, & 3 D
Louisa thou hast left our number
We no more shall meet thee here
May we join thy silent slumber
And in Heaven with thee appear


John B. Smith (Click here for tombstone image)
Died Jan. 7, 1899
Aged 73 Y, 11 M, 16 D
During the Civil War John served in the 154 Regiment,
Indiana Volunteers, Company D.


Margaret Langslands wife of George I. Misner (Tombstone image)
Born Oct. 22, 1864
Died April 12, 1889
Aged 24 Y, 5 M, 20 D


Sevena E. Smith wife of George I. Misner (Tombstone image)
Born Mar. 27, 1858
Died Jan. 5, 1888
Aged 29 Y, 9 M, & 8 D
"Gone but not forgotten"
Carroll County Death Index: list death at age 26
It appears the county record is in error

Carroll County Marriage Index: list
Levina E. Smith & George J. Misner as being
married on 11-21-1878. ????


Infant Dau. of G.I. & S.E. Misner (Tombstone image)
Born Jan. 4, 1888
Died Jan. 31, 1888
Carroll County Death Index: list death as 2-13-1888
at the age of 10 days. That's probably the date it was recorded.


Malissa E. Dau. of J. B. & L. M. Smith (Tombstone image)
Died Jan. 21, 1865
Aged 4 Y, 1 M, & 7 D
Our darling little Malissa
Has gone to realms above
To dwell among the angels
In everlasting love.


Two Footstones, on top of eachother. (Tombstone image)
Probably not original locations.
O.B.M. (Probably, Oran B. Misner)
L.M.S. (Probably, Louisa M. Smith)


Footstone (Tombstone image)
M.E.S. (Probably, Malissa E. Smith)

Large Tombstone Base (Tombstone image)


Three Large Tombstone Bases (Tombstone image)
Oran B. Misner's tombstone fits perfectly into the notch on the
third base.


Footstone (Tombstone image)
(May be, Margaret Misner,
#3 above)

Carroll County Death Index:
Margaret Misner died 2-8-1885
at the age of 11


Footstone (Tombstone image)
S.E.M.(Probably, Savena E. Misner)


Oran B. Son of G.I. & S.E. Misner (Tombstone image)
Born Sept. 30, 1879
Died Mar. 26, 1882
Aged 2 Y, 5 M, & 26 D
"Gone but not forgotten"
Carroll County death index: list name as Owen B. Misner


Footstone (Tombstone image)

I don't know whose this is

The earliest stones are outside of the iron fence which surrounds the Smith burial plot. From the outside North-West corner of the fence, walk North about 50 feet towards the ravine.


This is one stone with 2 children. (Tombstone image)
The stone is intact and does not name the first child.

Son of L.M. & S. Davis
Died Sep. 12 1850
Aged 1 Y & 6 Ds

Thomas E. Son of L.M. & S. Davis
Died Aug. 11 1860
Aged 4 Ys 6 Ms & 5 Ds


Barney Davis (Tombstone image)
Died Apr. 2 1846
Aged 57 yrs 10 mo 2 ds


Footstone (Tombstone image)

This cemetery was also recorded in the 1952 book:
"Cemetery Records of Carroll County, Indiana Volume II"
by Charles Carroll Chapter, D.A.R. Delphi, Indiana.
Compiled by Ivy Jackson Neff, & Meredith Julien Stephenson.

The 1952 reading was incomplete, and is full of errors. I believe
that what I have recorded above, is a true and accurate reading of
all extant tombstones. However, the D.A.R. record, which was recorded
half-a-century before mine, can be viewed by clicking here

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